Wednesday, April 22, 2009

'Eat, Pray, Love'- Elizabeth Gilbert

Rating: 1/5

I expected a lot from this book..something like a Meg Cabot meets Helen Fielding, but I ended up with this purely boring concoction of useless details and a severe case of 'ramble-itis'. This is the story of 'one woman's search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia'

'Everything', in Elizabeth Gilbert's dictionary means Eating, Praying and Loving.

Eating in Italy is the only bearable part of the book. By the time I finished that part, I badly wanted Pizza and well, I learned to say 'Attraversiamo'( which is Italian for 'let's cross over')

Praying in India is well....boring. I'm not spiritual and even if I was, I doubt I'd be able to happily read through pages and pages of repetitive quotes in search of God. By the time I finished this part, Kundalini Yoga was the only thing I remembered and this conveniently preachy character, Richard from Texas( who's not fictional)

Falling in love in Indonesia is the end of my struggle to finish the book. Elizabeth Gilbert finds a man- thank God she does, and the pain ends for me. That's the only thing I remember about this part and oh, medicine men, history and tradition of Indonesian names.

This book doesn't have a plot. It's pointless. Sure, there are portions that are real witty and very funny, but several times in one page, I found myself saying " Ok..what's the whole point of all this?" All I can say is, Elizabeth Gilbert is sure lucky to get paid for the whole trip to Italy, India and Indonesia,get a book published about her journey and then have a film starring Julia Roberts made out of it.. Next time we're all planning for for a holiday, lets make sure to mail a publishing house about it. You never know, you could be the next Elizabeth Gilbert. Or hopefully, not.


J said...

Lol. That was as witty as it could get. You've got a real knack for reviewing books, Kals. Keep it up and keep them coming :) *thumbs up*

Kals said...

LOL. She deserved the sarcasm :D Thanks =)

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

Julia Roberts is making a movie of this crap of a book? I can't believe it was published, let alone making a movie out of it. :) Great review! You made it farther into the book then I did.

Kals said...

Thanks :) Yeah, it was an accomplishment in itself to try and read that book.

And yeah, even Julia Roberts can't make this book good, I'd think.


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