Thursday, October 8, 2009

Emma (2009) BBC version

I just watched the first episode of the BBC's new version of Austen's eternal match-maker Emma.

The beautiful locales, gorgeous cinematography, the lovely costumes( beautiful use of colours!) are the things that stand out about this version after the first viewing. So does that mean I didn't like the cast, their performances, the script or the direction? No, not at all. I enjoyed the first episode though it did drag in places. It moves leisurely, as it probably should. After all getting the atmosphere right is exceedingly crucial for period pieces. I'll reserve my final judgement about this version after I see a few more episodes.

Romola Garai as Emma is interesting and I think she does fit my mental image of Emma, though sometimes, especially when she widens her eyes in surprise, bewilderment or excitement, I think she goes overboard. She does have a confident air though and I think she'll get better as the episodes pass by.

Jonny Lee Miller is not the Knightley I had in mind, but having said that, I'm willing to let him grow on me. I think he's one of those actors who you need to watch for a while before you can actually adore. I still like him and he's done quite a good job so far.

Prof.Dumbledore..sorry.. Michael Gambon is a great Mr. Woodhouse ( especially when he says 'No cake' for the wedding) and Louise Dylan playing Harriet Smith is excellent casting.

The surprise package: Tamsin Greig as Mrs. Bates. She plays her supremely annoying character to a tee!

In all, I'm looking forward to the rest of Emma. It's worth a watch!


Jem said...

How did I not know about this new Emma? I am so glad that you bought it to my attention. Where are you watching it? The picture looks gorgeous. Did you see the same actress in Daniel Deronda? Thanks for the review. Something to look forward to (put another way - something to obsess about until I get to see it too)

vvb32 reads said...

glad to hear good reviews on this one. gotta find out where i can watch these. although i may wait for a dvd release to be able to see it all in one shot. love the lush photos coming from it.

Jem said...

Hey again,

I have an award for you here:

Hope you continue to enjoy Emma (2009) I am so jealous :)

Kals said...

Thank you so much Jemima! :)

I watched the first episode on YouTube here. Looking forward to the second episode :) I haven't seen Romola Garai in Daniel Deronda, but she sure seems to be a fascinating actress. That's right Velvet- the cinematography is just gorgeous :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Will surely watch out for this one

Unknown said...

Could not agree less. Romola Garai is wasted on a script this bad, and Jonny Lee Miller brings a youthful woodenness to Knightley that would have been brilliant for the dull if good-hearted farmer Harriet Smith winds up marrying.

A. McVeigh


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