Friday, May 22, 2009

'The Associate' - John Grisham


I confess that despite trying for more than 5 days to complete the book, I couldn't go past page 372 out of 484 pages. Easily one of Grisham's worst books in recent times. When I saw the blurb itself which said that this novel was "reminiscent of The Firm", my suspicions were aroused. I mean, since when did an author himself start claiming that one book would be a re-hashed version of another?

And boy was I so right. All the characters in this pathetic excuse of a novel( Yes, I said it) are annoying.And for God's sake Grisham stop repeating things!! He takes 300 pages to set up the non-existent plot! Grisham goes on about the important things like the dinner Kyle McAvoy( the hero) is planning to have, the reason for the family feuds..stuff that do not matter to the godforsaken plot.

Anyway, here's my letter to John Grisham.

Dear Mr. Grisham,

1. If you are bored and suddenly feel like you have to write a book, I suggest you don't try re-working one of your own books.

2. Why on Earth are you recounting the same story of McAvoy's 'offense' in as many different, ridiculous ways as possible?

3. It doesn't matter what your lead characters eat or wear. So, kindly stop harping on it..and turn to more important details.

4. Speaking of which, I think you forgot something. WHERE is the plot?

Still wanting my time back,
An irate former fan

Recommended for: Nobody. Save your precious time.


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