Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Schedule

After lots of discussion and scheduling, we have the action plan. Of course, subject to changes, as and when required =)

Sense and Sensibility
(1811)--Discussion begins June 15
Pride and Prejudice (1813)--Discussion begins July 15
Mansfield Park (1814)--Discussion begins August 15
Emma (1815)--Discussion begins September 15
Persuasion (1817)--Discussion begins October 15
Northanger Abbey( 1817)--Discussion begins November 15

We also have another member, who'll drop in by the discussions and share her views, since she's a major Austen addict too. The more the merrier =)

We have planned to maintain a diary of events for as long as this book club goes and updating this blog is one way of doing that. It will be great when we look back at all that went into this and how much we loved it and learned from it. It'll be fun to let the world know of our experiments.

We're getting ready for the Austenian experience. And like Diane said "When our lives start mirroring our stories I will freak" I can't wait ;)

After all, the whole point is:

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