Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lost in Austen- Viewing Manual

Step 1: Find the coziest couch in the World and snuggle onto it with your comfiest cushion.

Step 2: Get some icecream.

Preferably chocolate icecream that has a hint of mocha, garnished with gorgeous nuts. Watch Lost in Austen.

Step 3: If you're an Austen purist, good luck watching this.

I suggest you try thinking that Bingley, Darcy, Lizzie are all puppets, willing to be pulled and moved the way anyone wants to. And, be thankful that scriptwriter Guy Andrews has an absolutely delightful sense of humour( Downtown? Stroke of genius) . A sense of humour that every Janeite would appreciate with glee.

Step 4: Do not look for loopholes. They are aplenty.

Instead, ignore the inconsistancies, noticeable flaws and look at this TV series for what it is- a delightful and hilarious tribute to Jane Austen's masterpiece and the irrefutable place Pride and Prejudice holds in the hearts of millions.

Step 5: This TV series is the end result of a scriptwriter having great fun playing with our beloved Pride and Prejudice. Expect the unexpected.

Though you may be aghast at some of the extreme liberties taken with the script and the characters, you're so undeniably in love with this tv series that you're willing to look past it. Some juicy details that Guy Andrews drops( 'Claude' Bennet?! Mr. Collins' three brothers. Mr. Bennet actually duels !?), will be best appreciated by the Austen fan who's read the book time and again and longed for more.

Step 6: Enjoy watching how it would be, to be in the midst of Jane Austen's beautiful classic.

Amanda Price is where we would all give anything to be. Inside Pride and Prejudice, playing cards with Lady Catherine, dancing with Darcy and finding help in the most unexpected of places.

Confession: Tom Riley is such a gorgeous man. I'm ashamed to admit I adored Wickham.

Step 7: Be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

Though Lost in Austen is peppered with amazing references that only an Austenite would catch, the best truly comes towards the end. I have gotten extremely tired of authors/script writers trying to work in Colin Firth or the wet white shirt to any Austen inspired book/movie. But here, I have no complaints.

This tribute to BBC's 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice is aptly placed and entirely spell-binding. Guy Andrews, take a bow.

Step 8: Enjoy the performances.

Full marks to the cast. Jemima Rooper is fantastic playing a character that is assuredly going to be the envy of every fan of Austen.

And thank you Mr. Casting Director. Thank you for Elliot Cowan.

Step 9: Watch out for the beautiful costumes.

Pemberley is of course, as beautiful as it ought to be. The costumes, especially Amanda Price's, are gorgeous. Plus, if you like me adore old fashioned libraries and books, the scene where Darcy stands in front of the neatly decked books is totally attractive.

Step 10: Try to watch this TV series with some fellow Austen fans. The experience is as good as you can ever imagine :)

This is the second time I watched Lost in Austen and I enjoyed it thoroughly, again. Also, this makes it 4/12 in my Extended Austen Challenge.


Paperback Reader said...

Great review! I loved Lost in Austen and intend to re-watch it (with ice-cream) for the challenge.

Kals said...

Thanks! Re-watching it is fun. You get to notice more details.

Ice cream makes it even better, if that's possible :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! I'm so glad you enjoyed it for what it was - FUN!

Kals said...

It was so much fun, that's true! Thank you for linking it to your twitter as well! :)

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with almost all you've said! Lost in Austen is great fun - wish they were continuing the story with another series of episodes instead of making a movie out of it. Don't know how they could improve the cast (well, except for recasting Darcy - I wasn't such a big fan of Cowan's glower). Wickham is my particular favorite - so sly and wicked in such a good way. And Bingley too - so well played. Amanda, Mr. & Mrs. Bennet, Collins, Caroline - all fantastic!!

Heather G. said...

Wow! You are sooo creative in your blog posts! I loved this review! I also loved the movie; it was so fun! Thanks again!

Kals said...

Lizjp- I didn't mind Cowan at all,personally. But you're right- Wickham is my favourite too. Tom Riley was so perfect! Making this into a movie would be tricky I think since the joy is in having MORE of Austen :)

Gofita- Thank you loads! :)

Heather G. said...

It's me again!

Just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you: http://gofita.blogspot.com/2009/08/im-rockin-it-blog-style.html

You've probably already gotten it! But here you go anyway...stop by when you get a chance!

Cecelia said...

Love your unconventional review - it makes me hopeful that I'll enjoy the mini-series despite its less-than-traditional take on Austen's characters. Thanks!

Kals said...

Gofita- Thanks so much! I've never gotten this award before so thank you for thinking of me :)

Celia- I hope you enjoy the series- it is a lot of fun :) Thanks!

Meg said...

Such a good post. I know I gave Lost in Austen a less than stellar review on my blog and I think the reason was because of many of the points you mentioned! I failed to take it in for what it was, loopholes and all, and instead focus on the sticky points. Therefore, I promise to re-watch Lost in Austen as you have suggested and post again. Pretty sure the ice cream will not hurt!


Kals said...

Meg, thank you so much!

I'm looking forward to your thoughts after you re-watch Lost in Austen. I hope you enjoy it more this time around :D

And I promise, icecream makes everything better :P

Beth F said...

Excellent Review. I wish I had written this one instead of the one I did write (LOL!).

Yes, just get into the fun of it, forget the "production value," just enjoy.

Kals said...

Lol, thanks Beth! :)

vvb32 reads said...

lol - love this viewing manual format. and love home libraries of all sorts also reading chairs in front of warm fireplaces.

Kals said...

Thanks! I do too- cozy couches with cushions and a nice cup of tea nearby make my day :D

ibeeeg said...

ooo...I enjoyed this post.
Love the manual and I will refer back when I get ready to view Lost in Austen. **smile**

Kals said...

Thanks a lot! :)

jcb said...

Good. Very little is on the net re Lost in Austen. It is a funny film. Does anyone have a picture of the writer Guy Andrews?

jcb Windsor, Canada

Kals said...

No, I haven't found any picture of Guy Andrews so far.

amateur idler said...

Ha! A friend and I watched it together. Looked at each other guiltily and said, "I love Wickham! Why can't she get with him!" at the exact same time. Great post.

Kals said...

Totally agree about this version's superbly enacted , sexy Mr. Wickham! :) Thanks!

couchpapaya said...

Hi there!! Just landed on your blog because I immediately loved the name ... and loved this post!! I have a post on Lost in Austen coming up in a few days, I loved it too though I'm sometimes quite the Austen fanatic. And shameful to say I loved Wickham and didnt care a bit for Cowan's Darcy :) But, since everything is so turned about here, I didnt feel guilty at all !!

Kals said...

Hi couchpapaya( nice name!) Welcome to my blog and I'm glad you like it.

I'm looking forward to your Lost in Austen review. I loved it :)

Elliot had his moments definitely ( esp the wet white shirt) but Tom Riley as Wickham undoubtedly stole the show :D


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