Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Teaser Tuesdays - September 22

Grab your current read and let it fall open to a random page. Post two (or more) sentences from that page, along with the title and author. Don’t give anything vital away!

Prison and Chocolate Cake by Nayantara Sahgal. Watch out for the review of this magnificent book- it'll be up by tomorrow =)

Now, the teaser, as promised:

Mummie explained that they had come to take Papu to prison, but that it was nothing to worry about, that he wanted to go. So we kissed him goodbye and watched him leave, talking cheerfully to the policemen. We ate our chocolate cake, and in our infant minds prison became in some mysterious way associated with chocolate cake.


Cecelia said...

Wow...that's quite an association! Great teaser - it makes me curious as to why Papu's going to prison, why Mummie explains it that way, and what happens in the end. Good choice!

Thanks for coming by my blog!

Kals said...

Thanks for stopping by! It's an excellent book and the teaser is reflective of how fascinating I find it to be :)


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