Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All Jane Austen, All The Time.....

I've NEVER managed to resist Austen. And I doubt that shall change any soon. When I saw that the Everything Austen Challenge, which made me a serious blogger and helped me meet some wonderful fellow Janeites, was back, I just couldn't say no. Thanks again to Stephanie of Stephanie's Written Word for keeping us Austen-fans occupied! :)

Here's a list of 6 Austen-themed things, of which I have decided only one:

1. Reread Pride and Prejudice  -  I never stick to routines but reading Pride and Prejudice once a year at least is a routine I've never broken in the last four years :)

I'm interested to see more choices and hopefully new books/ movies related to Austen which I can use for Everything Austen II. Hope you join in with the fun too!


Whitney said...

I couldn't resist this one either! I haven't decided on my 6 but I agree, rereading P&P once a year is a must :)

JoAnn said...

I didn't complete this challenge last year, and it was because I never got around to rereading P&P... my all-time favorite! Isn't that crazy?

Laurel Ann said...

Bless Stephanie for keeping us on track. Look forward to seeing what you choose to read.

Cheers, Laurel Ann

Kals said...

Whitney - Definitely! It's fun reading our favourite novel every year and see something new with every reading!

JoAnn - Oh yes! I'm pretty sure you won't miss out on P&P this time though :)

LaurelAnn - Thanks and I look forward to seeing your choices too! Thanks for following my blog as well :)

Shannon said...

I just had to join this year, too! It was so much fun last year.

(just noticed the mug pic in your sidebar... I have a mug from that same Etsy shop, only mine is the "Darcy proposal" one!)

Kals said...

I'm sure you'll love the challenge! Ooh I posted the Darcy proposal one in my previous post. It's a great mug :D


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