Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Boy Next Door - Meg Cabot

Rating : 8/10

To: Meg Cabot 
From: Kals
Subject: Guilty pleasure novels.

Dear Meg,
I've been reading ridiculously complicated books, nonfiction and biographies that have arguably been great, have taught me much, but have always required great concentration and patience. And sometimes, I need a break. I deserve it. Don't I?

Which is where you come in. Your novels are my guilty pleasures. I am an avid fan of yours, so much so that I can ever ignore your disastrous
Nicola and the Viscount. This book 'The Boy Next Door', written in the modern-day epistolary form ( through emails ) is a simple, unbelievably entertaining, often funny romance. Mel Fuller, a gossip columnist finds the man of her dreams, after he comes to stay 'next door' to take care of the pets of his Aunt who has been attacked and is in a coma. But is Mel in love with someone who isn't what she thinks he is? A case of mistaken identity, popular culture references, exciting humour and even a little mystery to solve - this novel has all the ingredients to get it right, and it does.

We know its bound to be a happy ending ( That's the whole point of this, isn't it? ) and some parts seem to be a bit of a stretch and some mails include too many details which isn't usually the case when you mail people. But this book is a great creative attempt to write an entire tale in the form of e-mails and I think it paid off. 

Your characters ( as I know them from their e-mails ) are very entertaining. Your writing makes writing an epistolary novel seem so easy. This was a fun, quick 
 ( I completed the book in 2 hours) read and I'm sure going to read the rest of the series. 

Thank you for being the constant source of fun chick-lit,


Paperback Reader said...

Dear Kals,

Don't you just love guilty pleasures?
We all need lighter books to absorb us when the rest of the reading has been heavy.

Thank you for the lovely epistolary review, which made me smile.


Kals said...

Dear Claire

I think we need more such entertaining, light reads to relieve us in between serious reads =)

Thanks for the sporting epistolary comment! =)


Heather G. said...

This one does look fun! I've heard a lot about it! Oh, and I love your new blog layout! So pretty, pretty!

Alison said...

Hi - just dropping you a quick note from Daydreams and Delights to say thanks for following me. I'm just starting to take this blogging things seriously and finding blogs like yours and some of the others you follow has really shown me how great book blogging can be! Keep up the great job - looking forward to reading your future blogs!


Kals said...

Heather - Thanks so much! I've been wanting to make my blog into a three column one for a long time and it's turned out well now! =)

Hi Alison. Thanks so much for the compliment! I'm new to book blogging too, as compared to many other great bloggers. Blogging is such a lot of fun, especially when you find bloggers with similar tastes in books. Have fun and good luck with your blog! =)

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

I think we all need our guilty pleasure reads! I really like your new background design!

Kals said...

True! Thanks a lot, Colette =)

Veens said...

I love this review! :)

Kals said...

Thanks! =)


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