Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Teaser Tuesdays - November 24

Grab your current read and let it fall open to a random page. Post two (or more) sentences from that page, along with the title and author. Don’t give anything vital away!

I've just started reading The Zoya Factor by Anuja Chauhan. 

Here's the teaser:
' Wasn't the last World Cup - where our 'best batting line-up in the world on paper' had got out right at the very first stage itself - been enough of a lesson for them? They'd sunk seriously obscene amounts of money into an intensely patriotic Zing! Together Now, India campaign, and then they'd had to scramble to take if off air before the irate public burnt down their trucks and hoardings and totalled their factories'
Cricket is not just a sport in India. It's a religion that everyone, right from my 80-year-old Grandmom to my 6-year-old nephew follows feverishly. This book seemed to be a light, fun, humorous story and I'm looking forward to it. Watch out for my review =)


Heather G. said...

He he! Sounds great!

Kals said...

Yep, it's such a hilarious book so far =)

Anonymous said...

Zoya Factor is a totally timepass, bindaas novel. I just simply loved it :)

Kals said...

Hehe, me too! So much fun! Best way to unwind =)


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